Conservation Work


I have many reasons for doing conservation work. If you read this web-site in full I would like to think some will be obvious.

A major reason is that I believe and the concepts of Gods and Devils are intended to cover up the truth that Darwin revealed of our evolution.

As stated elsewhere, I believe all that is postulated by religions lies between the understanding of Darwin and Buddha, between noticing the best adapted to the world survive and having compassion for all living things.

In seeing this as truth it is important to see a role for humanity and it is in combining Buddha and Darwin that lessons can be drawn. Has this been done before. Surprisingly the answer is yes in children’s entertainment. Let us look closely at the two television programmes “Dr Who” and “Star Trek”.

 In Dr Who the most infamous enemy is the Daleks. Their determination is to “Exterminate!……Destroy!” and become the masters of the universe. This is equivalent to the avaricious demands of both the collective of socialists and the individuals of conservatism. Both seek material gain, constantly seeking to own more. In doing this they disassociate the consequences of their action like children who love to see lambs in the fields and at city farms where they can stroke them, but switch off and cannot see the link to the lamb chop mother serves for Saturday lunch. Extreme materialists of both capitalism and socialism will destroy all species on earth unnecessary to their material desires, there is no space for the wilderness of earth to mature and evolve. They exterminate species around them without thinking but sitting in front of the TV with their children they do not see themselves as Daleks. However, they are acting exactly as that species but in a limited sense only, on the planet earth, much as the Daleks when first encountered, were restricted to one city on one planet.

 By way of contrast, in Star Trek, the human race, along with others in the confederacy, has matured philosophically so that when the crew of the Enterprise encounter a new planet they are pledged to leave the planet to evolve. They do not exploit or destroy. This is how humanity should treat the earth. It will require a huge effort to control population in opposition to the stand of the Vatican and many self-interested men in primitive and uneducated cultures of the self. It will also require restrictions on the development of Genetically Modified Organisms, the crops many bio-tech firms are trying to have released into the environment. It will also require the allocation of many millions of hectares of land and sea to natural park status where exploitation by man is forbidden. The Galapagos islands are a prime example of such good intent and the Ecuadorian government is to be congratulated, along with the non-governmental organisations that work with them such as The Galapagos Trust. We need to see nature on this planet as lots of little planets we can visit which we must pledge to have compassion for and a desire to preserve for study. This includes coral reefs, reserves for gorillas and apes like Gombe in Tanzania where the Jane Goodall Trust operates down to the minutiae of life such as areas where rare frogs and toads breed.

 It is a challenge for humanity to turn from the ambitions of the Daleks and see the sense of the mission of the USS Enterprise.

 This then is why I work on conservation during my holidays in a sort of parable format. I do it because I would rather fly the Universe with Captain Kirk than The Daleks.

If you have read the above but cannot get the attitude you need right, try listening to “Park Life” by Blur. Conservation should give you an enormous sense of well being

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