Racism and Avenue Q 133

As I write in 2012 a musical for teenagers and older is touring theatres, Avenue Q. This is very entertaining in a liberating sense, giving angles on racism, homosexuality, relationships and pornography which should enable paths to good ways of dealing with issues, if any of those represent difficulties for an individual.

The likelihood is of course that to some extent the show will preach to the converted. However, if anybody wants to get out of their shell, attendance may help. Where I live we have a prejudice extreme evangelical bigot of a lady who regularly writes to the newspaper opposing Islam, homosexual behaviour and people cycling on pavements. She also is known to tell people in the street that they are going to burn in hell for not believing if they engage in polite conversation with her.

One of the songs in that is ‘Everyone is a bit racist” one verse of which is sung by an oriental girl who sings ‘eveleeone is a bit lacist” and goes on to sing about the Jews having all the money etc.

My view on this is that most people will suffer some kind of bigoted thinking in their lives because that is what God is about, dividing us. Of course anything one considers of the devil is also likely to want that division. The basic idea is one claims a soul for God, moralising bigotry dictating life style and denying science, or for the devil, supporting God in some ways by trying to possess unbelievers by accusing them of having been tempted into immoral behaviour. In other words, great effort is put into not leaving the mind in peace, (as appears to be what the Danes did to me in 1977[see After Bliss])

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