Jehovah as a poor Judge 132

The law is supposed to be impartial. That is the basis of a fair trial. If the law is not impartial it becomes the defender of bigotry. We only need to look at states like Iraq, where the Marsh Arabs were persecuted by Saddamís regime, like Israel, where Palestinians do not have equal access to education and like South Africa in the not too distant past when the majority were oppressed by the minority whites.

However, right from the start, we can see that God exercised impartiality. The story of Cain and Abel shows that Jehovah preferred Abelís gift, (Genesis 4). In a universe 13 billion light years old or one that you believe is only five thousand years old, the poor parenting capability that making such a contentious judgment exhibits is quite shocking coming from one who believers think is perfect.

God also chooses the Jews as his chosen people. This again shows partiality and in fact if you combine the two stories then it is not difficult to see that God prefers the Jews as he did Abel so anyone who objects to this can be likely to be judged as Cain. It may be that to fulfill belief in biblical absurdities Jehovah chose to prefer the Jews in 1920s Germany in order to see if the Germans could be incited to rise up against them, then be made to bear the mark of Cain, whatever that is in the modern context. An example is Germany forcing through laws which prevent tribal pride among German youth, even though Jews are entitled to such pride as in wanting a state for Jews, (Israel), because the German youth can be labeled xenophobes and racists for such action, but God apparently cannot be because he has a special purpose for the Jews, which is simply a lack of impartiality again. (See Racism and Avenue Q)

Why then should we be expected to believe that Jehovah would judge anybody fairly in comparison to anybody else? Yet trusting god is the basis of all religions.

Not taking the bible as a guide has enabled mankind to move on from stoning people to death, from selling daughters and all the other things in Christopher Hitchens points out in his book


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