Lies and law (117)


I had noted in the past that God had lied about creation but that our courts generally employ the argument that a jury should be very careful about accepting the testament of a known liar in court or be recommended to reject it completely.

Sometime after that I noted a judge had declared that juries could accept the testament of a liar. This seemed a bit pathetic, as though whoever or whatever is God at the moment was watching my spirit and thinking constantly, as the Danes seemed to enjoy doing, and adjusted his machine to accommodate what had been objected to and could be used against him, (or her or them).

The acceptance of a liar in court assumes a turning from the ‘crime’ of lying under oath. But God started with a lie and he has never changed, even though much may be found to be historical truth in the Old Testament, (due to merely the sincerity of the recorder, although generally the reason put on the event recorded is attributed to rather odd ideas). God has never repented of Genesis, though some Christians now try to accept both Genesis and science because the evidence for science is currently overwhelming and problematical to deny. One repentance by God could be Islam if one believes that by not going over that creation inaccuracy again one could call Islam a new honest view, but that implies that Judaism and Christianity should die out for the new view of creation as depicted in the Koran. Also remember it says in the Koran Allah deceives whom it pleases him to deceive so perhaps the Koran is not an apology but more an attempt to justify the lies.

One of the odd things of British courts and many others is that you could swear on the Bible to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, while being in a trial for making homophobic remarks. Of course the Bible states in Leviticus that man shall not lie with man because it is an abomination so should one swear on a book that encourages the exact crime one is being accused of. Of course doing so exposes the hypocrisy of the UK constitution so perhaps one should


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