Great among the Nations (57)

The largely Jewish nation of Israel likes to make a fanfare about people who have done their best to help Jews and the classic example is Schindler who ‘saved’ some Jews from concentration camps by employing them. These people are known as “Great among the Nations” to Israelis. The 2nd world war also gave rise to a Swedish  among others who provided escape routes for Jews from Germany by offering visas.

Those examples are fair enough but in response what are Jews in other nations who give to charities which only look after Jews.

I have a list of Jews I think are “Great among the Jews”. these include:

  • Mordechai Vanunu, a nuclear technician who revealed that Israel did indeed have nuclear weapons. Because of him we no longer live with dark suspicions.
  • Omer Goldman, daughter of a Mossad Chief (that is the Israeli secret service), who faces repeated trials and imprisonment for refusing national service with the Israeli army. She has too much respect for Palestinians to join in the skirmishes of the Israeli army driven by absurdly anachronistic politics some Israelis.
  • David Salter, who during a husting for the post of Minorities Officer at the Polytechnic where I gained my first degree, declared in response to my question as to whether or not he supported Palestinian students right to education, affirmed that he argued with his parents about that matter.
  • Paul Keen, a schoolfriend, who, after I had left the church and my former friend Peter Darbyshire had turned to some rather cunning methods of undermining my teenage confidence and optimism,(he was a boy scout so perhaps he thought of it as his “duty to God and the Queen” as they all had to swear to do), the story of which is elsewhere on this site, became a firm friend. In the years after I would visit frequently and he had what teenagers might call a cool dad who slide the Volvo on ice when he gave us a lift.

See also the other page “Pathetic among the Nations”.

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