Pathetic among the Nations (57)

The largely Jewish nation of Israel likes to make a fanfare about people who have done their best to help Jews and the classic example is Schindler who ‘saved’ some Jews from concentration camps by employing them. These people are known as “Great among the Nations” to Israelis. The 2nd world war also gave rise to a Swedish gentleman, among others, who provided escape routes for Jews from Germany by offering visas.

Those examples are fair enough but in response what are Jews in other nations who give to charities which only look after Jews to be called.

I have a list of unnamed Jews I think are “Pathetic among the Jews” These mentioned here are the obviously jewish, the ones who maintain the garb and hair style of Jews. These include:

  • The one who, when I emerged from a Scientology Office, along time before my ‘1977 enlightenment’, in about 1975, in Manchester, was practically skipping along the road. He was the only one about and it seemed a bit odd at the time but now looking back I suspect he is one of the people tuned into other souls and likes to monitor them. [I should say it is not only Jews that do this as my experiences in Denmark proved to me]. I had just taken the scientology personality test they use at induction and had resisted joining because the assessment seemed to be intended to intimidate one into believing something about you was wrong. At the time I was probably searching to find out why some others in my life appeared to be one up on me, something to a large extent, that has been a gift of the enlightenment.
  • The one who, after I became victimised in Denmark in 1977 following a visit to a Lutheran Church, (the story of which is elsewhere on this site), stood at the customer service hatch of the hotel where I was working, looking at me as if he thought I was a long lost brother of of Dr Mengele, the sadistic doctor of the concentration camps. (this may have been the same one as in Manchester for all I know.) I should say the hotel was closed at the time and it was a youth hotel so a middle aged Jew was a bit unusual.
  • The one who, after I had spent months being drained, (which I talk of elsewhere in this site,) turned up in a car outside my bedsit in Whalley Range Manchester (1979), playing with some precious device, which looked like a tray, which he flicked across his lap as if trying to cause it imbalance, (as though it was a voodoo tray and he wanted to imbalance someone’s mind, (mine I presume).
  • Some adult Jews in Stockport, where I grew up, who did things like stand on a bus before getting off in front of me and saying in a childish voice “Bye, bye Mr Bus Driver”, (1979) and another who had been at the same Christian infant school as me who stood in Merseyway, the shopping precinct, (1978) puffing out his chest when I was in a confused state after leaving Denmark.

It may be that the Danes who forced me into decision making at the Rebecca Ø Fest in 1977 always intended the above to happen, to try to send me back from a relieving enlightenment to twisted prejudice through paranoia. That you will have to judge for yourselves, speculate about forever or just accept and move on as i ought to, and indeed want to at some stage.

Ultimately it is much as Martin Luther King observed, not Martin Luther, namely that people should be judged by the content of their character. What kind of characters do what I describe here and elsewhere in the web-site.

See also the other page “Great among the Nations”.

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