Technicolour Judaism  (135)

In other pages of this site I have pointed out that Jews seem destined to have a disproportionate number of the what might be called the best opportunities in the United Kingdom. (see page Success and Jews and Royalty and Jews or England a second Jewish state). Indeed the offspring of two Goldsmiths appear to be likely to be the ruling monarchs after Charles the Third follows Elizabeth the second.
The “lesson” the, as I refer to him/her, ‘racist God of the Jews wants us to learn (or perhaps not learn) in the sense of not realise it is happening, appears to be as follows:
I have called this page Technicolour Judaism because I am referring to the story of Joseph and the coloured coat in the Bible. There is a musical based on this story “Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat” Genesis chapters 37-45. refer
Basically, the story goes, the father of the family favoured his youngest son Joseph and his older brothers were jealous. They try to get rid of him and he ends up being a prophet to the Pharoah of Egypt becoming very rich, powerful and famous in the court. Eventually he even makes it back to his family and the father still loves him.
If we look at Jews in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s they may be thought of as being the victims of Hitler and the Nazis rage and jealousy of their apparent favoured positions in life as rich bankers (Rothschilds), artists (Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Klimt and Schiller), scientists (Einstein and Freud) and writers (Thomas Mann). One could even claim that God has cursed the British to be dominated disproportionately by Judaism, as Germany was then, because to a certain degree there was not enough effort put into believing the holocaust was happening at that time, (although reality is about 50 million people died as a result of the second world war so how the British would be expected to differentiate and concentrate on rescuing Jews, when there was a war on, is probably a question that needs to be asked of God, but for which no reply will ever be given).
In the modern era the Jews tend to be in a similar position to how they were in Germany, at that time, which fulfils God’s promise to them that they would be a race held high in esteem by the nations of the world. But of course God thought about what he wanted and decided that some people may see that as racist, which it is in the case of God choosing a people0 so came up with the story of Joseph to condition us all to accept his favouritism.
So the many coloured coat is the variety of skills Jews show in science, as musicians, composers, artists, lawyers, politicians, actors etc.
We non-Jews are the older brothers and as Jesus said he would put us to the test, then if we have read the bible we would know not to be jealous, (only the Jews god is allowed to be jealous), and presumably allowed to repress our talents by insisting we have to be content with our less favoured lot. The Nazis are held up as a shining example of people who did not learn the lesson of the the story of Joseph.
Joseph, or the Jews as a people in the modern context or analogy, also are in receipt not only of the father’s favour, (God n this case), but also mother’s and their friends tend to focus attention on the youngest child, (my own brother exhibited sibling rivalry because of this in my opinion). That is natural as their mother’s attention in switched to the younger child. This also means sexual favours in societies among non-Jewish women, becomes the norm, (Sigmund Freud’s grandson the painter is supposed to have had over 20 children and Einstein is supposed to have flirted with Marilyn Monroe for instance, I also know two women fairly intimately who have in one case a child of two by a Jew and in another case two children of three by a Jew). Women will be inclined to look at the skills or coloured coat of Jewish boys/men and say to themselves “Ah, aren’t they cute” and select them as mates.
In addition, Jews can also be selfish by this analogy, (young children’s selfishness is excused usually as they have special needs – take their toys and they cry to mummy or daddy), keeping money and enjoying the attention which comes with skills (equivalent to being the baby of the family), while Christians are expected to be un-selfish, (non-jealous brothers) and accept they are less loved, left to share their small rewards in life.
This may also explain the attitude of some friends and some Danes towards me in that they have understood the lesson of the bile and ‘know’ to accept the favours of the father poured on Joseph. They no doubt got their reward for dismissing the protest at the injustice of it all that I raised as a young man, (but had got beyond by the time the Danes moved against me, though they seem to want and be able to dig up the past in order to prove they have learned the lesson and I have not).
This is why I prefer Buddho-Darwinism. I do not want a God who has told a story about a young child’s fate and destiny in order to trick me (and everyone else of course), I want the truth as Darwin shows it to be of our origins, not that God’s ridiculous fantasies as written in the first books of the Bible, (eg. The story of the flood and Noah’s ark and the garden of Eden). I also believe in exercising compassion as Buddha encourages so my final solution would be to educate Jews into Buddha’s teaching, not allow them to continue to claim they are oppressed while secretly being wrapped in cotton wool by their God’s favours.

It is a cheap trick to use that story against trusting people who know some of what is in the bible is rubbish fantasy, even if they wold like to believe their was some sincerity in it all.

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