Success and Jews (77 & 79)

There are many sites on the Internet which report the success of Jews as a warning, as a celebration or as a simple fact.Wikipedia is an example but a simple Google or Ask Jeeves search will supply the data.

The principle of Buddho-Darwinism is to apply scientific thinking to the material existence and to also try to rationalise the spiritual existence, if such it is, that I have experienced and reported elsewhere in this site, while practising compassion.

On other pages I have explained that I do not buy the principle of Jewish intellectual superiority, but the Danes in 1977 have pretty much convinced me that inferiority can be induced. Thinking further about the competitive nature of school friends and other acquaintances it is also apparent that others practice the thinking behind what was done in 1977, or profit from the dichotomy between what is the fate of a believer in any god and what is an unbeliever’s fate.

It is also possible to consider that encouraging the opposite of whatever mankind achieves spiritually may be an option for those determined to control our destinies, the gods, devils, scientologists, priests or whoever they may be. Immediately after I became, by dropping farther and farther out from society and being less and less ambitious, enlightened or touched by enlightenment, all those who deny enthusiastically Buddha and his statement that “there are gods but there are no gods” (which I explain elsewhere on this site), as enthusiastically as creationists deny Darwin, can begin to encourage ambition. So if the Koran is true, (that as Gabriel is reported to have said “we know when to release devils”, and any religious book may be there to be true on occasions when it is convenient for its principles to be true), mankind and devils and guardian angels can be released to help others achieve in life and survive, in order to make enlightenment look ridiculous. I suspect my brief enlightenment was to offer mankind a decision matrix as to what course to follow. Many for decades have gone in the opposite direction to the principles Buddho-Darwinism in preaching the mantras of the self and wealth as a blessing from God, (as opposed to the compassion of the Buddha) and in ignoring any pleas to preserve areas of the earth as wilderness to protect biodiversity, (as opposed to a naturalists view of the planet that wishes future generations to experience the joy of discovery, like watching the BBC programmes of David Attenborough as reports of “what is” rather than as “what was”).

In my opinion the dichotomy must be resisted. I was a success at school until I left the church. I was reasonably intelligent before my mother sent me to church. However, it is difficult to believe that God would make me a success, as it is clearly an injustice to others at the school. So does evil, (or those who want to control everything), wait for us? It is not so difficult to believe that certain chemistries of the mind are at play, which once one has left the church can be affected to reduce one’s likelihood of success. So why do Jews enjoy such success? It may be that like those of African descent, for whom opportunities arise in sport regardless of background, Jews have an almost controlling influence on the media because they are not inhibited by Anglican or Catholic priest games with bread and wine superstition.

I cannot honestly say “I know” what actually is the mechanism but one can be very suspicious. As well as taking one’s own opportunities in life, because the vacuum of one’s absence offers opportunities to others, it is not surprising that Jews can achieve in the arts and sciences and Africans at sport. The church may think they can eventually profit because jealousy will rise in the hearts of those who left it, like me, and failed and they may believe the jealousy could be directed against Jews. If they do not, hypothetically God or gods could always wait a long time with the opportunity to either convert everyone to Christianity or give success to his chosen people, the Jews, which is a stark choice for us all, (God saying “either you believe my son and Mohammed came to save you or I will let the Jews smother the world”). God must want to be sure there are only two possibilities and he wins either way. There are priests who if a talented footballer, for instance, left their church or spoke against it, would certainly pray someone else ‘more worthy’ in their opinion, got the talents, even if they did not actually curse the person leaving, (it used to be a habit of some of the vicars in the Scottish isles to curse)

Please visit the pages on “Spiritual Journey” and “Brief Personal History” for more on this and, naturally, the pages on “The Omega Course”.

For a brief introduction to Jews and their Success I have some pages to add below this page but they are only a flavour and not intended to be comprehensive. If anything, I have been surprised at how many of these Jews I had considered personal favourites during my life. Although some I always did not like, (for example and only as an example of my taste, Mike Winters of the comedy duo Mike and Bernie Winters). Retrospectively that has just made me suspicious that all that happened in my life, from nightmares, to church indoctrination, to rejection by friends, to what the Danes did in 1977 are all designed to make me paranoid and feel I am engaged in a struggle, as Hitler did in writing Mein Kampf, which means My Struggle, which they can laugh about and perhaps patronise me for, declaring that if only I attended church or said my catechism everything would be alright. Some others, however, probably have an interest in getting me to leave church if it does indeed shelter the mind from pointless concerns, albeit at the price of denying facts. In fact whatever the cause or causes, the only success is in bemusing me as to what their intent will result in if the schemes do not go to plan.

 The end of such bemusement may be in what I know of torture and my experience of a stiletto in the back of the consciousness in 1977. It is known most people will say or do anything after a period of torture. I may do the same at some point in the future and over the years since 1977 I have certainly dabbled in various faiths to try to reduce my own pain. There are arguments that say people only did to me because they could not face torture themselves by forces I was not aware of, (or personal or relative [to me], failure perhaps). Equally one could say that the prospect of humiliation is what motivated Hitler. I have also elsewhere on this site noted that the British Jewish doctor Lord Winston may do well to consider his position on using apes for animal experiments since if Jews are an emerging superior branch of the evolution, then there is a potential for humiliation and torture of the descendants of non-Jews which may encourage those who are mothering and fathering those generations to come, at the moment, to react like Nazis before they become victims.

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