The Pope and Fallability (116)

Many religious leaders say good things but they also often make some really crass remarks.

The Pope recently (11th January 2011 reported in the UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph), said people should name their children after saints. One has to wonder though, where does he think Saint Norbert, for instance, came from? There is no Norbert in the bible. So the parents of Norbert did not look for a saint to name him after. Regardless of his name not being that of a saint or apostle, he became a saint, it did nothing adverse to him by the catholic churches own rules.

If enough women call their daughters Pandora or Peaches then after some length of time there may well arise a Peaches or Pandora who warrants being called a saint. it will not happen if they all call their daughters Catherine.

In England, where I live, I find the number of boys named after bible characters a little bizarre if not mildly offensive. So many Johns, Pauls and Peters. I wonder if it is the  influence of mothers who want to parcel their sons off to church like mine did. Certainly as I have mentioned elsewhere in this site, my uncle used the expression “you should be able to tell by the name”, which was un-called for, stupid and perhaps a bit wicked. Why not be creative? If there is substance in belief then it should not matter. Call your children names from ancient times in cultures other than the Judaistic one or at least consider it. Go on live a little.

There are of course lots of sons of Islamic culture named Mohammed so it is not exclusively a Catholic habit by any means.



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