Survival, Musical Homoeroticism & Islam (125 &127)

The charity Survival International is dedicated to protecting the tribal peoples of the world. If you believe the Judao/Christian/Islamic paradigm of the world you will find that you only believe in the survival of one tribe, God’s chosen people, the Jews. The rest of us are the same in both Christian and Islamic traditions.
In my teenage years there came a period when I was becoming more self confident about my own being and identity. This was before I came across protestant musician-based homo-eroticism. There were two major incidents involved in this. The first was at the choir my mother had sent me to. I was trying to undo my ruff or nylon collar that choirboys wore. This had a button at the back. It was not a difficult task to remove the ruff and I was experienced. One of the few of ‘chorister’ rank at the time in that church,a rank that is fort he older boys. You would think you could be left to get on with establishing yourself in the world but no, the choirmaster had to insist he help me with it. (This was a Mr Geoffrey Barber, also the music teacher at what was then Mile End School, Stockport.) He wanted me to turn my back on him and allow him to unbutton the item of clothing round my neck. You would think either I was an incompetent or there were no younger boys who might have found the ruff a problem, if he felt that was necessary, but neither was the case. Most boys I am absolutely sure can mange from an early age to unbutton a ruff. As the choir masters fingers unbuttoned my ruff I had a feeling I was having my self-confidence taken away. A strange chemistry of revulsion came over me as though I was being sucked backward into something corrupt or simply that I did not want to be part of, just when I was beginning to feel capable. I should stress there is absolutely no reason why he should undo it, he just wanted to and insisted he should be allowed.
Although this incident passed and nothing else transpired, after that I began to become nervous in the church. Later, under a new choirmaster I walked out of rehearsals having come to the conclusion the new one was a bully by nature, (this was Jack Longstaff who I was the music teacher of Stand school in North Manchester at the time).
 After I returned from Denmark it transpired their was a practicing homosexual organ player living in the area of Stockport near that church and where I had lived and he looked like Jack Longstaff, from a distance. I presume it was him and the new vicar of that church had said it had taken a long time for him to get rid of him. Presumably he felt much the same way I did about him.
I wondered if someone on Friends Reunited may know him and then found a web-site by people who had been to the school where he taught . The last long quote reflects very much my attitude, relationship with parents and others etc.

•Other names include Jack "Wimpy" Longstaffe, who terrorised us all initially, but later he managed to interest me in classical music, an interest which remains to this day.
•My main memory is of Mondays at 9.30 and Fridays at 3.30, as that's when we had the formidable 'Wimpy' Longstaffe for music in the First Year. I had all the words and notes of Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes drilled so deep into my subconscious, I can still recite it note for note 42 years on.
•Jack Longstaff – (to someone whose behaviour he disapproved of ) ‘You blithering idiot’.
•I would liken the school to an independent boarding school of Dickensian times with the principles (or principal) of Stalag 13. The teaching methods were aligned to the philosophy of 'carrot and stick' but with no carrot. I was at Stand from 69-75 and have often wondered what happened to other classmates especially Gary Marsh, and Craig Peck. Craig was a really funny guy and rewrote the lyrics of Gaudeamus Igitur, which became Guard Your Arses While You’re Here, and did a version of Forty Years On (when we farted like thunder).
•Most older pupils will remember Jack Longstaff, Music Master, commonly known as Whimpey. Looking back after all these years, I cannot make up my mind if he was sadistic or just plain mad.
•It was customary for all first years to have a voice test with a view to being co-opted into the choir: membership was obligatory if you passed the test. Choir practice use to be held every Thursday evening, and sometimes two lunchtimes per week. To say we youngsters used to be on a knife edge in view of Whimpey's unpredictable temper is the understatement of the year (or should I say 1965?) One Friday lunchtime, late in September 1965 after only a few weeks at the School we were having a practice in Room 29, and doing the opening bits of the Bach B Minor Mass.  Whimpey was walking up and down the aisle, like some latter-day version of the Witch Finder General, when he asked us all to repeatedly sing the phrase 'Credo in Unum Deum'. Being a well brought up boy, I pronounced 'Unum as 'unam' (the longer vowel of the aspiring middle classes).  Whimpey was lurking at my right shoulder, and promptly yanked me out of my seat and kicked me to the front of the class to make me kneel with my hands on my head.  All the time he was yelling the most fearful abuse. I, of course, was in tears. In case of accusations of libel, I have witnesses who will testify to this day. I have rarely felt so upset, either before or since.  My mother was in hospital recovering from a hysterectomy, and I had been at Stand but less than a month. Sadly, this was not an isolated instance of Whimpey's wild temper. Who can forget, "Paper on the floor!", or "Clear this pitch!". It just shows the times in which we lived. I daren't tell my parents. I was brought up to think that authority was always right, and feared they would think I was being deliberately disobedient.  To all those who knew me, I was a bit of a 'goodie' actually (but never a Licker!). If I had told my parents though, I know now they would have pursued the matter, and it almost certainly would have resulted in Whimpey being sacked.  The behaviour was unacceptable by the standards of the 1920s, let alone the more enlightened 60s. Strangely enough though, in spite this I now love classical music, and particularly the Bach B Minor.  Before any of you draw too many Freudian conclusions, I must add any love of music is inherited from my father: not Longstaff. As regards the other so-called sadist Haggis, he was mild in comparison. While full of dry humour,  he was always knew when to stop, and really cared for the School and his pupils.  I was delighted to see his photograph and wish him well. As for Longstaff, does anyone have any similar experiences?
The real problem though is that while you try to get away from that kind of person, Jesus promises “Woe unto he that leaves my church”. I cannot say how cathartic it is to find others who think like you when others, even those you thought were friends, try to marginalise you, compounding your emotional and psychological problems. What happened to me is described on the “The Early Years” page, please read that as I do not want toget too repetitive.
By contrast with these teachers, the only homosexual I ever shared a house with, known as ‘Hank’ and a student at Coventry Polytechinic when I was there, never made inappropriate advances though his behaviour was unusual or not what ‘normal’ heterosexuals might engage in. This was a period in my life when I had become extremely tired of trying to move forward in life with a broken body chemistry (see the pages on ‘After Bliss’ for why I was in that condition) and riddled mind. I had become extremely suspicious of others comfort zones because of what The Danes had done and reading Cicero had inclined me to believe passionate, vengeful homosexuality could be in many ways as bad as fascism. (I am still suspicious of such people like Peter Mandelson who from a position of escorting the richest oligarchs of eastern Europe patronise the working class much the way Diocletian and other Roman Emperors must have patronised the Roman people).
These attempts to dominate others that have been described here are characteristic of the males who must be superior to others in as many ways as possible in order to feel good about living. The include paedophile or pederast homosexuals, some parents and many normal sexual teachers too.
The second illustration of homo-erotic domination was by the music teacher at my secondary school, a Mr Keating, (Are music teachers always dodgy?). This man was undoubtedly the largest most muscle bound teacher at the school and one of his sports was to take rugby practice for the third and fourth teams of our year. After I left the choir I left the school choir too and he obviously one day, much like Longstaff’s reported recruitment techniques related by Stand pupils above, decided he would have his way with me. I was one of the best of the runners in the third and fourth teams, (not much I know), so was able to evade tackles and score quite a few tries, (though I never played rugby for the school as there were only games for the 1st and 2nd teams). Keating got the class on a pitch and challenged me and only me to try and get past him. This really, looking back, shows a Christian getting off on casting back sliders into a sort of hell, showing his disapproval or trying to illustrate that I cannot escape Judao-Christian influence. Of course it was impossible to get past him but having joined the Naval Reserve in my twenties I have become familiar with a soldierly attitude. Should I have been familiar with it then I would have made no attempt to get past him, but take him by surprise and kicked him in the testicles or face, (Marines will play out such scenarios with their mates to keep them alert, like putting their foot on one as he emerges from a flooded culvert to keep him under water longer than he would have anticipated if he was not prepared for all eventualities, such as an enemy at the end of the culvert trying to drown him.)
Which brings us to why does the title of this page include Islam. It is simply because I recently wrote a short letter to the Malaysian ambassador and another Malaysian official to try to stop them pushing the Penan people out of their forest home, (an action reported by Survival International).  I pointed out that it was hard to sympathise with Palestinian Muslims being thrown off their ancient land by Jews, when the Malaysian Islamic centric government was throwing the Penan out of their forest home. It is just more bullying, more desire to make others abide by lifestyles fitting the bully’s paradigm and more conviction that God permits the bullying, (which he probably does since he can deny responsibility for proxy bullying).Bible quote: ”If god is generous to evil it does not matter”, allegedly.

It is important not to infer that one can bully homosexuals too. If I think about Stand Grammar it rather follows a pattern related in this web-site that the worst is reserved for the innocent children of trusting Christians. It is likely that Jews like Harold Jacobsen, (and it is rumoured on the web-site referenced above, Lol Creme of 10 cc), who went to Stand Grammar can enjoy highly successful careers by not coming into contact with the bullies of Christianity as Longstaff would appear to be, since they would not be expected to maintain the sado-masochistic forms of discipline imposed on the Christians nor be engaged in the pointless neural linguistic programming of the choir. To bully gays, (or Jews), simply indicates that one has fallen for one of the many tricks in the bible designed to give God success through the many avenues pursued, (currently the blessing he gave Jews before Christ is now apparently restored and the one he seemed to offer Christians after the crucifixion no longer applies.)

The curious case of John Galliano:

In September 2011, John Galliano, the fashion designer famous for some exquisite creations, was convicted of an anti-semitic racist rant. It was not long before people were pointing out that as a gay he should have been aware of what happened to gays in Europe under the Nazi regime, as well as the Jews. What is not taken into account is that homophobia in Europe has grown out of the bible, the Book of Leviticus primarily, and has been extremely virulent in many Christian sects and modern Islamic regimes. While he probably regrets his outburst it may be rooted in a loathing for what has been done to perhaps 7% of the population of wherever Judaistic/Christian/Islamic in whatever era one cares to consider. The Nazis may have been inspired by their own Catholic and Protestant roots.

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