Islam as a door closer (96)

If you have read the page “Before Bliss” you will know that I feel after I left the church I felt my self-confidence was gradually being undermined. I will recap on some events here to illustrate a contention of this web-site, that we are being instructed to deny truth in order to flatter those who have the power of superior vantage point. This may include those who are spiritually aware or high caste Hindus for instance, i.e in either of the worlds of Buddho-Darwinism, the spiritual and material.

The reference point is once again, as mentioned on the page “Before Bliss”, where my school friend Peter started to say unusual things which, in retrospect, appear to be multiple attacks undermining my self-confidence stretched out over a period of time.

In this example, bear in mind the following:

  • The principle “All religions focussed on deities are formulaic methods of denying humans have the ability to sort out their own problems”
  • The Sura 43 verse 36: “and he whose sight is dim to the remembrance of the beneficient we assign unto him a devil who becometh his comrade.”

One of the things Peter said at that same point on downhill to the station at Cheadle Hulme, England was “I am not a communist”. Like each of his statements at this geographical point, this was not really in the context of  a conversation. Each time he said something I would wonder why he said it.

If something was inspiring him, something like Allah, who had perhaps rejected my seven years of service in the church because my eyes had become dim, (see the Sura bullet point above), especially once I walked away from the choir, then I was on a rapid downhill to spiteful reactions, which is exactly what happened. the temptation is to convert to a religion, perhaps Islam, because it is such a ’truth’, in that my life proves the Sura above and many more like them are true. However, please bear with me and consider this third bullet point, an analogy.

  • An office contains a cupboard with a combination lock. To prevent some souls reading and understanding or perhaps “seeing the light”, the office workers intent is to lock those souls in the cupboard and spin-off the combination lock so nobody can let them out.

Returning to Peter’s statement. A question which may arise is why would he be one of the worker’s trying to lock others out?

The first reason is the obvious competitive instinct which Darwin demonstrates is a potential strategy for living things to use to survive, but of course cooperative behaviour is also a strategy for survival. Communism is the ultimate cooperative behaviour, though it did not appear to work very well in those days in terms of intellectual progress and human rights, (though one could argue China and Vietnam are doing quite well nowadays).

The second is that the gods, whatever or whoever they or it may be, may be looking for one who accepts them and Peter as a Boy Scout would pledge loyalty to God and the Queen. With Christians talking of letting Jesus into your life, it is not difficult to believe that if such actually happens then a person who does that may become motivated in abnormal ways to make statements which support the contentions of Jesus or any other God they believe in.

Now examining what Peter said in the context of the world at that time and my situation at that time. Communism was a growing force opposing religion and I was unhappy with Christianity for reasons dealt with elsewhere in this site such as the Omega course and my family life, where my mother, a vehement anti-communist, had turned against me when I needed a mother to talk to after doubts about the religion she had sent me to began to concern me.

Since communists would call each other comrade there is an obvious linkage between the Sura above and communism through that word namely that comrades are or can be devils. So suppose God opposed communism, opposed people leaving his faith and judged the families of those who lost faith. Then that god or gods could demonstrate a perfection by being as precise as possible through insinuation. In some ways then Peter needed to say he was not a communist as his mother was a teacher so would be in a associated with communism through colleagues in the teaching unions because the unions supported Clause 4 socialism at the time . Clause 4 was the British Labour Party’s policy to work towards a communist state or “worker ownership of the means of production. later of course there arose a war-mongering Christian socialist Tony Blair, who persuade the party to drop that clause. Tony Blair was from the upper middle classes so may also have been blessed by the manifestation of God or gods that is Krishna since the Hindu caste system is clearly not communist either. The last thing the upper castes believe in is egalitarian values.

There is an implication that I am communist by Peter saying that he is not, as though there was some discourse going on at that point on the road, which would increase my difficulties at home. god would like to label me a communist because it gives his followers an excuse to attack. The labeling could be applied in that anyone who is not a believer inevitably becomes a communist, something I do not accept, unless they become the opposite by conviction. As I have proposed as God is probably trying to take from mankind the idea that he can determine his own future, thus opposing democracy until the majority are strident believers.

Taking into account the other things said at that point on the hill, the statements made support Jews (“Have you ever been to Brian’s house”), Muslims, (as described above), asserts God’s opposition to communism thus supporting the Hindu caste system, the Afghan Muslims like the Taleban who fought against the Russians and the idea of God summarily judging those who have left without offering a trial as in the slaughters in Ossetia, Beslan and Chechnia.

I am stuck in the middle, (which is probably a good place for  someone who appreciates what Buddha is trying to say since Buddha recommends the middle path), since I believe broadly in egalitarian values as essential to stop the destruction of the planet. I am not willing to let God tell me he created something I know evolved and I am not willing to be an opponent of a democracy accepting that sometimes the vote swings to the left and sometimes the right.

As far as I can tell, God may be on a similar path to me, as little that I would not have wanted at the macro level (eg the liberation of Eastern Europe) but wants to claim the credit for everything ultimately, most probably by the Darwinist principle of breeding out liberal democrats and impersonating the Buddha principle of compassion.

The danger sign is the increasing division of our societies between rich and poor. an investor I know is already talking of not seeing democracy as having a future so as I near the end of my own mortal flesh existence, a division between my path and the path of believers is judgmental and controlling powers is likely to become a gulf.

If you were to follow science and practice compassion, as a Buddho-Darwinist perhaps, you may find that in all directions, whichever way you turn, there is always provision to promote one aspect of belief in a god or gods or devils and believers will be encouraged to deny Buddha and Darwin. The gods in the past have had great success at this such as the erosion of belief in Buddha in Islamic Afghanistan and Bangladesh and in Hindu India.

Effectively in those countries and primarily because of the vested interests of those in power, (perhaps elsewhere on the planet now too), the door of the cupboard, mentioned in the third bullet point above may once again close and someone inside there will need to reach Nirvana, perhaps by being guided there by the compassion of those who have reached it, in order to break the combination from the inside and once again let true light in to the life of our planet.

Islam as the words of the ‘last’ prophet, may well be that door closer.

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