Consequences of Sophistry (107)

Over the course of the development of this web-site I have tried to illustrate how, after I was touched by Nirvana or enlightenment in 1977, the easiest thing for the other powers of the spiritual world, gods etc, to do would be to oppose. This is because anything I did could be seen as rejection of the principles of Buddha, that all life is suffering and that the only way out is to attain Nirvana and leave the cycle of life forever. This would suit Judaism perfectly because to various degrees, depending on the individual, rejection of Buddha promotes fulfillment of ambition, the opposite of Nirvana, through business or political leadership, intellectual excellence, creative excellence, procreation to dominate the earth etc. This may be seen, slightly mistakenly in my opinion, as the Darwinism of Buddho-Darwinism.
Some claims made in the web-site may seem absurd to you. For instance I have stated that the Middle East God intends dominating liberal Europe by a combination multi-layered ‘attack’ of for instance;
• Christianity - to insist for centuries that Europeans must believe in one God as described in Jewish mythology.
• Peaceful Jewish immigration into warlike Christian states which by Buddha’s own teachings should result in better karma, since Buddha abhorred war.
• An extermination plan by Europeans to be labelled forever as evil, (the concentration camps of Nazi Germany), so that waves of other less educated people or in receipt of greater hidden blessings peoples from other continents could bring their faiths to Europe to obfuscate encouragement of acceptance of Darwin’s teachings.
• Inter-marriage with Jews where the offspring will find evolution impossible to believe fully because of the seductive nature of being part of the great Jewish story
Once that has been achieved, I have stated I suspect other continents will be the next targets.
However, while I can assure you these claims are not from visions of the future derived like those of Nostradamus, they are from the use of observation of the expansion of Jewish mythology so far and reasoning as to where it is likely to go in the future, especially if there is something behind it driving it, which could be collective consciousness or a God or a devil depending on how you look at it. To illustrate this take a look at this paragraph about ‘the Chinese mother’ and how she drives her children to honour her family taken from  The Sunday Times ‘News Review’ supplement of 9th January 2011.

“My husband, Jed, is Jewish, which makes our children Chinese-Jewish-American, an ethnic group that may sound exotic but actually forms a majority in certain circles, especially in university towns. (Jed became a law Professor at Yale the year before Sophia was born, as I did when she was seven.)

The deal Jed and I struck when we got married was that our children would speak Mandarin and be raised Jewish- (my native dialect is Hokkien Chinese - and Jed is not religious in the least , but the arrangement somehow worked”

Meanwhile the local protestant vicar will be spending his days criticising the behaviour of his parish and others in the nation, much as catholic priests at the confessional, through doctrinal sophistry which insists things are false when they are not, at every opportunity. By this I mean that while they may accept Darwin as true if their congregation accepts that, if they perceive their congregation drifting to fundamentalism they will begin to deny the truth of Darwin themselves. Forcing people to accept things by sophistry renders them ignorant and hence vulnerable to more intelligent competition. The English tribe, much as it was a mix of previous invading tribes up to 1066, expanded and was successful prior to democracy while one of its own rules of thumb was “the elder brother joins the military, the younger brother enters the priesthood”. With the dawn of evangelism in the church, no substitute heuristic has arisen such as the elder brother becomes a scientist, artist, musician or engineer, while the younger brother joins the priesthood. The vicar has become like an attention seeking child and society has become motherly in trying to place the interests of spreading absolute belief in adherence to law, rather than accepting the law as a convenience of civilisation (see the Law page)

I have also indicated that I believe there is a power which tries to inhibit our conscious minds through peculiar chemistries of churches, something which I can present no evidence for other my own experience. The question to ask yourself is do you seriously think a rabbi of one school of Jewish thought or another cannot be found to encourage every Jew, regardless of his or her life choices, that ever demonstrates their superiority as intellectuals, artists, scientists or good breeding stock or even just demonstrates one virtue?
The survival of our planet depends on reducing ambitions but as Jewish tradition is against Buddha, their God will always offer them the chance to fill the gap vacated by another’s compassionate reduction of their own ambition, which as I have stressed elsewhere is perfectly natural, but in the future, not what may be termed a virtue.
So what is the solution? It certainly is not the final solution of the Nazis, since that is neither true Darwinist observation, (as natural animals tend to be completely un-ambitious once their needs have been satisfied - not out to kill everything they see), nor is it Buddhism since attacking others is against his teachings. The solution appears to be to find a balance between Buddha and Darwin as this site advocates. So a lifestyle appropriate would be to strive to be the best scientist, engineer, artist, musician if you feel inclined or have the ability or to accept the simpler things in life such as working in hospital as a nursing auxiliary, while also devoting your self to the protection of biodiversity of the planet through perhaps:
•donation to charities protecting the environment, large ones especially if you have a relatively high salary, (clearly when British scientists are saying that anyone earning over £30,000 per year is consuming more than their share of the planet and contributing consequently massively to global warming - the higher your salary the more generous you ought to be)
•political lobbying or voting - even standing for election on the principles of ecology
•working on environmental issues either full time of part time
•reducing your ecological footprint on the planet

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