The Red Daleks (65)

It is possible to consider the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church as Red Daleks.

This arises from a combination of:

  • Ambition: (rejected by the Buddhist side of Buddho-Darwinism), perhaps better explained as proxy ambition as they, before becoming cardinals would have led the monastic or priestly life while giving no discouragement to the rapidly expanding population of Catholics, because they want their church to be strong in numbers.
  • Apathy towards biodiversity: (rejected by the Darwinist aspect of Buddho-Darwinism), This apathy will grow like a cancer on the planet because they will not accept the use of contraception, empowering women to control their fertility, (possibly because they are all male). They also seem to associate themselves with poor science such as recently, (June 09) supporting the use of genetically modified foods, (see the GM page).

See also the pages on The Pink Dalek, and Dr Who and Star Trek

The Red Daleks will then “exterminate” all biodiversity by demanding all the resources of the earth be channeled into feeding hungry Catholics and presumably, as they believe salvation only comes from believing as they instruct, all human diversity.


I recently spoke about the environment with a colleague involved in an arts organisation I used to be involved with. He said he almost did not want to hear the bad news because he was a natural pessimist. I therefore thought how to present the above in a lighter vein and came up with using a similar visual idea to one the British Monty Python’s Flying Circus team came up with. Those who know their work will be familiar with the Spanish Inquisition sketch.

So imagine any Catholic character you choose, a nun, the pope, a cardinal, a local priest or monk taking the role of the young nun played by Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music. In the opening scene she runs up a hill and sings “The hills are alive with the sound of music, with songs they have heard for a thousand years”. Now substitute your chosen catholic character, or a few of them holding hands together and singing, “Africa is dead with the silence of palm oil plantations, no sound of the birds evolved over ten million years. We advocate GM foods and make biologists weary, our hearts want to see Darwin penitent, on his knees”

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