Genetically Modified Foods (64)

The CEO of Monsanto, which as well as being responsible for the vile Agent Orange which defoliated large areas of Vietnam and is believed to have led to many disfigured and still born births also produce many genetically modified crop seeds, has been quoted as saying he was surprised at the negative reaction to his company's products. He claims they will solve the world food crisis, which is looming ever nearer with food riots last year in a number of countries, for instance, as prices rose. In fact he is wrong to claim this is so because, as the June 2009 edition of National Geographic magazine illustrates, whenever food supply increases, birth rates rise to take advantage of the supply and the result is always a large proportion of people at the bottom of the pile starving or near starvation. The only thing which will alleviate this is fewer births. Fewer births will only happen when the Catholic and Islamic faiths pass through a culture change and stop trying to compete with each other for global domination by sheer weight of numbers, (bless them).

See also “Why I am a vegetarian”

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