Jewish Entertainers (77 & 83)

Before venturing down this list, it is important that I reiterate that it is the Jew’s God that I am opposing in this web-site, not the Jews. As stated elsewhere, Jews are only doing the natural thing, as a Darwinist would observe, but it is the God of the Jews through Christ that has taught us all to roll over and let them earn the money so that they get the better education for their children and better private health care and better chances of attracting the opposite sex by rejecting Christ and poverty. There again, this site advocates Buddha who takes poverty to an extent even beyond Christ. Therefore nothing is forbidden by Buddho-Darwinism but you make the choice to follow Buddha or to compete in life as the Jews, your religion does not force you as in Christianity. Note in passing too that there are similar lists for Jewish professionals, Jewish politicians, Jewish scientists easily available on the internet. As those who have read this web-site well will have concluded, it is my belief that we have been deceived. My contention is also that although it could be that Jews are a superior race emerging, it is more likely, from my own experience, that in fact the rest of us are being inhibited, it is not they who are superior in other words but us who have been made by their God artificially inferior by being persuaded to accept Jesus and allowing him to come inside us, with all his inhibitions which he transmits, as everything is sin, as detailed in the Old Testament, but he as the new deal is that those sins can be forgiven, for the price of being stupider than you naturally are.


Felix Aylmer
Alfie Bass, obituary, Jewish Chronicle, 24/7/1987 p14
Claire Bloom [15], actress
Helena Bonham Carter (1966 - ) Academy-Award nominated English film/television actress[1]
Bernard Bresslaw, actor[2]
Eleanor Bron [16], actress and name inspiration for Eleanor Rigby
Katrin Cartlidge [17], actress (Jewish mother)
Joan Collins[3] actress
Marty Feldman [18], comic actor
Fenella Fielding[4]
Laurence Harvey [19], actor (Lithuanian-born)
Leslie Howard [20], actor
Jason Isaacs [21], actor
Sid James [22], comic actor,(South African born)
Tony Jay (1933 - 2006) English/American actor[5]
David Kossoff [23], actor and stage monologuist
Miriam Margolyes [24], actress
Jessie Matthews (1907 - 1981) English dancer, singer and actress[2]
Ron Moody [25], actor (Fagin in film musical "Oliver")
Anthony Newley (1931 - 1999) English actor, singer & songwriter[2]
Sophie Okonedo (1969 - ) Academy Award-nominated actress (Hotel Rwanda)[26]
Nathalie Press [27], actress
Daniel Radcliffe (1989 - ) English actor (Harry Potter)[6]
Antony Sher [28], actor
Ione Skye [29], actress (UK-born; Jewish mother)
Janet Suzman [30], actress
Elizabeth Taylor [31] [32], actress (English-born; Convert to Judaism)
Rachel Weisz [33], Oscar-winning actress
Sam Wanamaker [34], actor
Zoe Wanamaker [35], actress
David Warner, actor best known as Jennings in The Omen
Naomi Westerman [36], actress
Henry Woolf[7], actor

Sacha Baron Cohen [37], British comedian, notable for his comedy characters Ali G and Borat; the latter is portrayed as extremely anti-Semitic.
Steven Berkoff (1937 - ) actor, writer and director[2]
Lionel Blair [38], TV entertainer
Marty Feldman (1934-1982), television comedian

Stephen Fry [39], comedian & actor (Jewish mother)
Henry Goodman [8], actor
Lesley Joseph [40], Dorian in Birds of a Feather
Miriam Karlin (1925 - ) actress (The Rag Trade)[2]
Paul Kaye (1965 - ) comedian and writer[2]
Robert Kazinsky television actor (EastEnders)[9][10]
Felicity Kendal [41], actress (convert to Judaism)
Maureen Lipman (1946 - ) film, television & theatre actress[2]
Kay Mellor [42], actress & scriptwriter
Warren Mitchell [43], Alf Garnett in Til Death Us Do Part
Tracy-Ann Oberman, actress: Jewish Chronicle, 30 June 2006 p36: "Tribal beat: Showbiz Jews in the news"
David Rappaport, actor with dwarfism

Andrew Sachs (1930 - ) German-born English actor, Manuel in Fawlty Towers[2]
Emma Samms [
Rita Simons actress, model

Georgia Slowe actress[11] Perdita in Emmerdale
David Suchet, "Poirot" (Jewish father)

Dani Behr (1971 - ) TV presenter, actress and singer[2]
Benjamin Cohen [44], Channel 4 News reporter and presenter
Vanessa Feltz [45], TV presenter
Alex Kramer [46], TV presenter
Jerry Springer [47], TV presenter (UK-born)
Sharon Osbourne, (Jewish father) - wife of Ozzy Osbourne, former talk show host, and star of The Osbournes[12]
Esther Rantzen [48], presenter of That's Life!, founder of ChildLine
Gaby Roslin [49], TV presenter
Natasha Kaplinsky [50], TV presenter, Newsreader
Jon Sopel BBC news presenter

Robert Peston BBC news business correspondent

Claudia Winkleman TV presenter

Jenny Abramsky [51], BBC executive
Gerry Anderson [52], producer and puppeteer
Daniel M. Angel [13], film producer
Sir Michael Balcon [53], producer
Sidney Bernstein [14], cinema owner & founder of Granada Television
Bernard Delfont [54], impresario
Oscar Deutsch [55], founder of Odeon Cinemas
David Elstein Guardian, Saturday October 23, 1999, founder of Channel 5
Stephen Frears [56], director (Jewish mother; Frears only discovered this as an adult)
Jonathan Glazer [57], director
Leslie Grade [58], executive
Lord Grade [59], executive
Michael Grade [60], ITV Chairman
Sir Jeremy Isaacs Guardian, Saturday October 23, 1999, TV executive
Henry Jaglom [61], director (UK-born)
Sir Alexander Korda [62], director & producer
Zoltan Korda [63], director
Mike Leigh [64], director
Richard Lester [65], director
Jonathan Lynn [66], director
Isadore Ostrer [[67]], producer
Mark Ostrer [[68]], producer
Maurice Ostrer [[69]], producer
Sam Mendes [70], director (Jewish mother)
Emeric Pressburger [71], Oscar winning screenwriter, director & producer
Irving Rapper [15], Oscar-winning film director; born in Britain
Karel Reisz [72], director
John Schlesinger [73], director
Vivian Van Damm [16]
Michael Winner [74], director
Alan Yentob [75], BBC executive

Simon Amstell [76], comedian
Ronni Ancona [17], impressionist
David Baddiel [77]
Sacha Baron Cohen [78], impressionist, Ali G, Borat and Brüno
Arnold Brown [79]
Sam Costa, comedian: Jewish Chronicle, 2/10/1981 p24 (obituary);
Ben Elton [80], comedian & writer
Marty Feldman [81], comedian and actor
Bud Flanagan [82], comedian & actor
Stephen Fry [83], comedian & actor (Jewish mother)
Paul Kaye, comedian & actor, Dennis Pennis (The Herald (Glasgow); 07/05/05; Andy Dougan; p. 8)
Matt Lucas [84]
Bernard Manning [85], comedian
Denis Norden [86], scriptwriter and radio & TV personality
Jerry Sadowitz [87]
Alexei Sayle [88]
Peter Sellers [89], comedian & actor
Freddie Starr [18], "Me mam was from Germany. She was Jewish." comedian & actor
Bernie Winters [90]
Mike Winters [91]

Jacob Adler [19], Yiddish actor
Alain Boublil [92], author and lyricist
Peter Brook [93], director
Georgia Brown (real name, Lillian Klot), singer/actress, the first Nancy in Oliver!

Maria Friedman [94], musical theatre actress
Stephen Fry [95], comedian & actor (Jewish mother)
Hermione Gingold [20], actress
Henry Goodman [96], actor
Augustus Harris [97], actor and theatre manager; son of Augustus Glossop Harris
Nicholas Hytner [98], director
Jonathan Miller [99], director
Misty Lindeman actress

Anthony Sher [100], actor
Meier Tzelniker [21], Yiddish actor
Sam Wanamaker [101], actor - "The Globe Theatre" project
Zoe Wanamaker [102], actress

Jenny Abramsky, BBC Director of Radio

Rabbi Lionel Blue [103], radio broadcaster
Jono Coleman [104], radio broadcaster
David Prever radio broadcaster

Mark Damazer, Controller BBC Radio 4 and BBC 7[105]
Sir Clement Freud (1973) [106], radio broadcaster
David Jacobs, radio broadcaster (JYB 2005 p256)

Ludwig Karl Koch [22], broadcaster and sound recordist
Robin Lustig, radio broadcaster, BBC Radio 4

Mike Mendoza [107], TalkSport Radio
Charlie Wolf [108], TalkSport Radio
Idina Menzel
[edit] Popular musicians

Larry Adler [23], harmonica player (American born; naturalised British)
Ambrose, bandleader (Obituary: Jewish Chronicle 18/6/1971 p35)
Craig David, singer, songwriter <= ő az

Nicole, Natalie Appleton & Melanie Blatt [109], members of All Saints
Stanley Black [24], bandleader
Marc Bolan [110], member of T. Rex
Elkie Brooks, singer; Jewish Chronicle 14/2/1992 p10
"Elkie Brooks and Graham Gouldman are two Jewish pop star graduates of Sedgley Park Primary School, Prestwich"

Ian Broudie [111], member of The Lightning Seeds
Pete Burns [112] of Dead or Alive (German Jewish mother)
Ben Butcher, Reading born singer

Johnny Clegg [113], UK-born South African musician
Alma Cogan [114], singer
Mike D'Abo, former lead singer of Manfred Mann and sang on their hit The Mighty Quinn
Leonard Feather [25] writer on jazz, jazz pianist and composer,
Victor Feldman [115], jazz musician
Justine Frischmann [116], member of Elastica
Graham Gouldman, Lol Creme & Kevin Godley [117], members of 10cc. He wrote many 1960's hits such as Bus Stop and Look Through Any Window for The Hollies, Heart Full of Soul, For Your Love and Evil-Hearted You for The Yardbirds and No Milk Today for Herman's Hermits.
Benny Green [26], saxophonist and broadcaster
Mick Green [118], guitarist for Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
Peter Green, guitarist Fleetwood Mac (Celmins 2003)
Terry Hall, lead vocalist, songwriter of the The Specials, Fun Boy Three and The Colourfield (mother is of German Jewish descent).
Steffan Halperin, drummer for Klaxons [119]
Dick James singer and music publisher

Mick Jones, guitarist, vocalist The Clash (mother is of Russian Jewish descent).
Laurence Juber [120], Guitarist, former member of Wings
Jason Kay [121], member of Jamiroquai
Mark Knopfler, guitarist, singer and songwriter

Paul Kossoff [122], member of Free, son of actor David Kossoff
Keith Levene, guitarist. Founder member of The Flowers of Romance with Sid Vicious,The Clash and Public Image with John Lydon.(Father Jewish) Source :http://www.fodderstompf.com/ARCHIVES/INTERVIEWS/nme780.htm

Joe Loss [123], bandleader
Manfred Mann [124], R&B keyboardist
George Michael [125], singer, songwriter, former member of Wham (Jewish mother).
Jon Moss [126], member of Culture Club
Mark Ronson, Famous DJ, Record producer and Musician

Keith Reid & Matthew Fisher [127], founding members of Procol Harum
Gavin Rossdale [128], member of Bush
Ronnie Scott [129]
Helen Shapiro [130], singer
John Silver former Genesis member

Joss Stone [131] Singer/songwriter
Lewis Taylor [132], singer/songwriter
Frankie Vaughan [133], singer
Warren Wald, pop idol contestant

Louise Wener [134], singer with group Sleeper & novelist
Amy Winehouse [135], singer/songwriter
Sister Bliss, real name Ila Ben-Tovim, was born in Haifa, Israel.

Don Arden [136], music promoter and former Black Sabbath manager
Chris Blackwell [137], founder of Island Records (Jewish mother; raised Jewish)
Brian Epstein [138], manager of the Beatles
Harvey Goldsmith [139], rock impresario
Trevor Horn [140], founder of ZTT Records (not ethnically, but attends synagogue)
Nathan Joseph, founder of Transatlantic Records [27]
Malcolm McLaren [141], manager of the Sex Pistols (Jewish mother; raised Jewish)
Daniel Miller [142], founder of Mute Records
Mark Ronson D.J/ Producer [143]
Andrew Loog Oldham [144], manager of the Rolling Stones (raised by Jewish mother)

Paul Stein-Dunville,Musician

Gerald Abraham [28], musicologist
Elias Parish Alvars [29], composer
John Barnett [30], composer
Alvise Bassano, musician [145]
Anthony Bassano, musician [146]
Baptista Bassano, musician [147]
Julius Benedict, composer [148]
Maria Bland, singer [31]
John Braham [149], singer
Norbert Brainin [150], violinist
Giacobbe Cervetto [32], cellist
Harriet Cohen [151], pianist
Michael Costa (conductor) [152], conductor and composer.
Frederic Hymen Cowen [153], composer
Jacqueline du Pré [154], cellist (convert to Judaism)
Harry Farjeon [33], composer (Jewish father)
Gerald Finzi [155], composer
Norma Fisher, [156], pianist
Benjamin Frankel [157], composer
Walter Goehr [158], composer
Alexander Goehr [34], composer, his son
Berthold Goldschmidt [35], composer
George Henschel [159], singer & conductor
Myra Hess [160], pianist
Gerard Hoffnung [161], musicologist
Steven Isserlis [162], cellist
Hans Keller [36], musicologist
Isidore de Lara [163], composer
Yehudi Menuhin [164], Lord Menuhin of Stoke d'Abernon; conductor & violinist (UK-based)
Benno Moiseiwitsch [165], pianist
Isaac Nathan [37]
Yfrah Neaman [166], violinist & teacher
Michael Nyman [167], composer
Murray Perahia [168], pianist (UK-based)
Landon Ronald [169], conductor & composer
Henry Russell (musician), pianist, baritone singer and composer.

Robert Saxton [38]
Rudolf Schwarz, [39] conductor
Solomon [170], professional name of the pianist Solomon Cutner
Sir Georg Solti [171], conductor
Walter Susskind (1913 - 1980) [40], conductor
Richard Tauber, singer and composer (naturalised British citizen, 1940)[41]
Lionel Tertis [172], violist
Simon Waley Waley [42], musician
Egon Wellesz [173], composer
Benjamin Zander [174], music director
[edit] Songwriters

Lionel Bart [175], musical writer
Don Black [176], lyricist
Graham Gouldman, wrote many 1960's hits such as Bus Stop and Look Through Any Window for The Hollies, Heart Full of Soul, For Your Love and Evil-Hearted You for The Yardbirds and No Milk Today for Herman's Hermits.
Eric Maschwitz [177], lyricist, writer & broadcaster
Mitch Murray

Monty Norman [178], lyricist, composer & singer (creator of "The James Bond Theme")
David Rose [179], songwriter & composer
Jule Styne [180], songwriter (UK-born)
paul gass famous Norwegian composer
[edit] Ballet dancers

Celia Franca [43], ballerina
Alicia Markova [181], ballerina
Marie Rambert [44], ballerina
[edit] Other

Lotte Berk, dancer and health guru [45]
Caprice Bourret [182], model (American born & raised)
David Bret [183] biographer and chansonnier (Jewish father)
Sharon Osbourne - wife of Ozzy Osbourne, former talk show host, and star of The Osbournes[46]
Hedi Stadlen [184], musicologist, philosopher and Communist

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