The Nazi philosophy inverted (89 & 90)

Recent discoveries of the DNA in Neanderthal bones show that the ancestors of those who left Africa did actually mate with Neanderthals. This is known because all those peoples outside Africa have DNA in common with Neanderthals which Africans do not.
It is now possible therefore to follow a line of argument introduced on this web-site of an attempt by whatever the God of the Middle East is to dominate the rest of mankind.
One may postulate that in actual fact all those who are descended from those who mated with Neanderthals are inferior, turning the Nazi argument on its head. Thus everybody except Arabic/Semitic peoples and pure Africans are impure humans. The problem this presents for those trying to take advantage of it is that inter-marriage, instead of buying one’s genetic lineage a place in the ‘better future’, actually buys one a link with a distant past that it may be have been better to avoid.
It will be an interesting strand of genetic research to follow. It may be that Jews and Africans and Arabs could claim to be pure humans and therefore superior. They could claim that the fall described in the Old Testament was inter-marriage with the tempting Neanderthal ladies or men. Thus Africa would be the Garden of Eden which in a genetic sense it is as the home of the first humans. It may be that women are attracted to Africans, Arabs and Jews because they sense that they are less like Neanderthals than their Eurasian male counterparts. However the downside of a relationship born out of such instinct is that the off-spring will carry a mix of Neanderthal genes except for those carried on the Y chromosome which would be inherited down the male line only and Mitochondria which only passes to the first male generation, not subsequent.
So now the God of the Jews and Arabs is left with a rather shallow argument, trying to establish superiority and domination of the world while having to stay isolated in small communities, around the planet, of Arabs, some Jews perhaps and Africans which do not inter-marry. I say some Jews because it is likely the inter-marriage with Neanderthals occurred in the Middle East and Jews are likely to have married among those populations before they set out, at ‘their God’s bidding’, to be scattered among the nations of the earth. I expect the sane and rational Israeli scientists, as opposed to the misguided literal orthodox Jews, may eventually publish statistics on this subject.

If they do choose to stay isolated rather than inter-marry they may develop deeply embedded genetic disorders such as those present in Jewish Ashkenazi communities in New York. The list below shows some of the diseases in-bred Jewish communities are more likely to suffer than others:
Ulcerative colitis
Cystic Fibrosis
Maple Syrup Urine Disease
Glycogen Storage Disease
Fabry disease
Factor XI deficiency
Torsion dystonia
Breast and Ovarian cancers
Canavan disease
Crohn’s disease
Machado Joseph disease
Colon cancer
Familial Dysautonomia
Familial Meditarranean fever
Tay-Sachs disease
Mucolpidosis type IV
Non-syndromic hearing loss
Non classical adrenal Hyperplasia
Fanconi disease
Gaucher disease
G6-PD disease
Beta Thalassemia
Bloom’s syndrome

Problems and Implications

The above ties in well with earlier thoughts in this web-site on a God trying to establish the inferiority of the Europeans as a punishment for their cultural shift away from the church. The reasons included inter-marriage being politically advocated in Europe but not in the religious cultures where immigrants came from, the dumbing down of the English as opposed to the rise of intellectual Islam achieved by what I call ‘draining’ elsewhere on this site, the increasing gap between rich and poor reflecting aspects of the Hindu caste system etc.

For me the fact that Africans may be purer humans genetically speaking is not a problem. The fundamental reason for this is that to accept the superiority, anybody wishing to use that to establish a religious or political case against Europeans would have to acknowledge that Neanderthals had existed. In doing that they must acknowledge what genetics tells us and by doing that they must acknowledge that humans and Neanderthals have a common ancestral lineage stretching back before the intermarriage in the Middle East to our common East African origins. That in turn leads to acceptance of common ancestry with the great Apes. It is pleasing to note, as an aside, that the European Union is considering extending the legal rights of the great apes in the autumn of 2010.

There may be those in the North African Islamic world who may wish to use the genetic information for their own advantage as it offers an easy, pseudo-scientific, excuse to consider the infidel inferior. However, my experience is, in working for an educated Egyptian in Denmark, before my ‘enlightenment’, during the winter of ‘76 - ‘77, that there is no problem in taking on board evolution. He had a series of books on topics including Dinosaurs, produced by Time Life, if my memory serves me well.

Where there may be a problem is what I have warned of as the dumbing down of Europeans. If, as I suspect, Europeans have been dumbed down by the effect of the pursuit, of the consciousness lifting I had experienced, by some Danes, a few Jews, a good smattering of English a couple of Indians and perhaps some others into controlling life and politics, along with hell casting Gods and thought corrupting devils, then it may be that a resistance to the idea of being descended from Neanderthals arises, further enhancing the chances of the manipulative religious convicted to reassert a kind of truth preventing domination of thinking.

Reality is, there is nothing more to fear from the news that for some of us our ancestors mated with Neanderthals, than there is to fear we and the Great Apes are all ultimately descended from a common ancestor. In fact genetic mixing can be advantage, as the list of diseases above that in-breeding Jews experience illustrates so well.

Is the inter-breeding going to be a disadvantage in the future? Only time will tell. Because of the Middle East bottleneck which I have referred to before it has not been thus far. The descendants of the Neanderthal/human inter-breeding have spread across the globe. Now however, we have global travel and rapid migration which change the potential for the future enormously. Only having a couple of children yourself can offer your genes a chance in the future and one of your descendants may become the new genetic leap forward, if there is to be one. It has crossed my mind that I could have been that and that is why so many people and some of whatever powers there are in the spiritual world seem so desperate to prevent me forming relationships.


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