Evolving opposition to Buddha (99)

The teaching of the Buddha is important for our planet. In many ways it can contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity which is an objective naturalist like Darwin would be interested in. This is due to the denial of material goods as sources of true happiness.
It is equally important to understand that compassion for viruses that will kill you is not important. In nature there is always something ready to evolve to destroy another, it is the nature of competitive genes. One could also argue that in the competitive spiritual world proposed by buddho-Darwinism this may also be how Jesus and Mohammed have arisen, as evolutionary opposition to Buddha, seeking out the niche places within the encompassing Buddha belief system in which flaws can be found and dwelling in those flaws. If these are false religions, and as argued elsewhere in this website, one of Islam and Christianity must be false if one believes he was the son of God and the other believes he was just a prophet, then followers are actively engaged in self-delusion.
Questions to ask yourself and ideas to consider before embarking on Buddhism as a total commitment, i.e. beyond the practice of Buddho-Darwinism are:
•One could argue Buddhism would lead to the destruction of all that our ancestors had hoped for. They struggled so that we may live. To abandon life may not be right.
•One could argue Buddhism is leading us back to a form of universal soul for which the entropy of the universe is unimportant. This may be more desirable than life.
•Is Buddhism, if you follow it, going to ensure you do not leave a trace of your genes in the biodiversity pool on the planet in the future? If so it would have destroyed you as much as a virus in childhood would have, looked at fro the future of life on earth, however long it lasts.
•Do you take a liberal view and engage in loving family relationships within the compassion of Buddha, treating nature with respect?
•Or do you distrust it, panic and start to believe the mono-theistic or polytheistic beliefs with their attendant downsides of competition?

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