Apathy, Wealth and Judaism (62)

Below there is a letter which illustrates, sometimes subtely, the way God and perhaps Satan are trying to destroy us, like policemen with a good guy and a bad guy to confuse the suspect, and why I have doubts about the presence of Jews as the will of these two powers. I question the basis of Judaistic based Christianity and prefer Buddho-Darwinism because Buddho-Darwinism holds survival and compassion as its two main themes. Christianity, in contrast proposes this life is largely irrelevant but a test. If you do not survive eg you are crucified or slaughtered by Vikings it does not matter because there is a better life and if you are a monk or nun it does not matter if you do not have children because your genes are not important. Christianity also proposes you practice a simplistic compassion in this life simply to get to a better place, then you can be as sadistic as you like and forget about those who God intends tormenting for eternity for one wrong decision in this life, which undoubtedly your own ancestors would have done so curse them if you like.

Survival and Compassion mean we must reduce the risks of destruction to life on earth. Over-exploitation of the natural world needs to be halted. Co-incidentally the world is also in danger from global warming which may wipe out, in the worst event, as James Lovelock sees it in his books on Gaia, between 90% and 95% of humanity dying out. interestingly of course it is likely to be the richest 5%-105 which survive yet Christ insists money is not important and you cold argue that once converted, Christians allow others to take all the wealth, though of course the same applies to Buddhist monks hence my addition of Darwinstic thinking or traveling the middle path as Buddha would put it.

So god moves his Jews among his Christian nations and it all is innocent, (unless you are suspicious like me), and then a letter turns up in the newspaper. Please read it in bold below:

A letter in a recent Chronicle by xxx xxxx asked why Bath Abbey did not join in the international blackout to raise awareness about climate change.
Some months ago one of the environmentalist magazines had on the front cover that the USA has 'four years to save the world'.
However, the only person who can really save the world is the one who created the world – Yeshua HaMashiach, the incarnate Son of God.
At Bath Abbey they worship of Son of God, not the latest religion to be imported from the USA with Al Gore as it's 'High Priest' – global warming.
In the year 2000, MIT, the most prestigious technical institute in the world, made some forecasts, among them one on climate change.
The release of methane from thawing bogs across the Arctic, from Siberia to Alaska, plus the methane hitherto trapped under cold seas now released by warming seas will, by the years 2050-60 have wiped out the ozone layer, which makes life on planet Earth pleasant. Nothing humankind can do will stop this happening.
ERIC CHAPPLE (Messianic Jew) Nettleton, Chippenham


I do not want this web-site to become a rant against Jews for absurd politics to feed on, but it does illustrate a huge problem religion causes.

To me that sounds like God has sent a Jew who believes a messiah is coming, into England to persuade everyone to either give up the thought of their descendants surviving, or not bother reigning in their consumerism since it would be pointless. His solution is like the character in the song I find rather idiotic by Supertramp which goes something like , “So you have found your solution what will be your last contribution, live it up, give it up, why so lazy, give it out dish it out lets go crazy .... ? Yeahhh!” the final yeah almost seeming an encouragement to all young people. It has to be said that since then most western young people seem to have done exactly that with their wannabee culture.

My advice is to firstly follow the Buddha teaching, that all our suffering is caused by our wants and desires. See that for the truth and mankind may yet stop the imminent decades of destruction of life on earth. Secondly to follow Darwin’s logic and find an interest in the variety of life on earth and have two or three children yourself, (two best fro most people). Bring them up to understand what Buddha and Darwin are saying


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