Periodic Update October 2008 (56)

This is the first of a series of periodic updates I plan to insert into the web-site. The reason I am doing this is that many people may be skeptical about the claims I make. As this is written it is the 93rd web page of this site. The idea is that by seeing how life-Class is relevant to current affairs a reader of the site can enhance their understanding of the information they receive on a daily basis. Hopefully such understanding will encourage compassionate and civilised skepticism.

The date is 19th October 2008 so I am picking two subjects to illustrate my points. I will be brief for both.

Religious conflict:
I have postulated that Christianity, talking of dividing the kingdom of Satan and not being able to stop wars, (both quotes of Jesus), are actually indications that the ‘God’ that puts forward these ideas is actually anti-Europeans and that Europeans are deceived into believing it. My view is that while in its original environment it may have seemed worthwhile, by the time of Mohammed, who gave the world the Koran in which it is admitted that god deceives whom it pleases him to deceive, a new phase had begun which was to make a different fate for Europeans than they originally envisaged from the Prince of Peace, whom I believe actually is the Prince of Law. I point out elsewhere that the law is a tool for civilisation, nothing more.

On this day a programme on the BBC about America, “The American Future” by Simon Schuma quoted Thomas Jefferson. He likened Europe, the one he knew of the 18th and previous centuries, as “the nursery of tyrants”. How can that be after 18 centuries of the Christianity? I suggest the above revision of some issues discussed in this web-site is relevant to his conclusion.

I have also postulated that the presence of the Sri Krishna version of Hinduism in the west may be more about establishing, or re-establishing a system not unlike the Indian caste system, where certain genetic lines are condemned to eternal misery.

On this day also a British newspaper, ‘The Observer’ reported detail of some incidents reported in the recent past of sectarian conflict in the state of Orissa in India. Certain British conservatives, not all by any means, would undoubtedly love to have a peasant class without voting rights who could be forced to work for a pittance without education. The Indian government supports in principle human rights but in Orissa this is not happening. The Christians preach a more egalitarian form of society which offends the faith in the caste system and to quote the newspaper “a young Hindu woman working in a Christian orphanage was burnt alive and a nun was gang-raped. The Hindus are basically saying that either you convert or you die, much like modern day extreme Muslims, or the royalty of Denmark centuries ago.

Threat to the Environment:
I have postulated that by reticence the churches, temples and mosques are complicit with an attempt to destroy biodiversity in order to eliminate the evidence for evolution. I have also postulated that all that we know as God is content that we turn into the destructive creatures from the BBC series ‘Dr Who, known as the Daleks, who treat everything in the universe as exploitable commodity and kill anything in their way.
On the 18th October 2008 and I ought a diary for 2009 from Oxfam, entitled “in the wild” which contains quotes along with the diary pages. I here list a few:
“There is not one animal or person on earth - from polar bear in the arctic, a tree frog in the tropical rainforest, to a new born child anywhere - that has not been exposed to man-made industrial or agricultural chemicals” (source World Wildlife Fund). A good reason to go organic for the future I think.
“It is estimated that an average of 35 species become extinct every day in the world’s tropical forests” (source: Worldwatch Institute/ UNEP) If we were Daleks and one of those species was humans would you care?
In the world today - 1 out of every 3 fish species ic endangered, 1 out of every 8 bird species is endangered and probably over half of all flowering plants and insects are endangered. (source IUCN)
“We are experiencing the sixth greatest crisis the Earth has seen in 4 billion years. Climate change, which would directly endanger 25% of species currently living on earth already poses practical problems for the management of reserves and protected parks” (source: the magazine Nature ). The difference is responsibility is at the door of the most sentient species who could change things f it chose.



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