History from a religious aspect

Jesus says “To he that has shall be given and to he that has not shall be taken away, even that which he has”. This is surely a demonstration of a lack of compassion and probably a reason why this God came back later with the Koran emphasising that Allah as he now chose to call himself was “the compassionate one, the merciful”

When I went to primary school at age four and a half I could comprehend, could reason, could talk, could acquire the alphabet and learn to write.

This Messiah of Israel, Christ, with a temperament opposite Robin Hood who took from the rich to give to the poor, left me ten years later, disinterested in learning, incapable of defending my own position on anything, largely friendless and full of self-doubt. All that after six years of attending choir twice during the week for rehearsals, twice on Sunday for services, once a month for communion, occasionally on Saturdays for weddings and daily assembly at school. How to destroy a child in ten easy years by persuading him through adult pressure that the whole thing was what you should put your trust in. I didn’t even go into the scouts after being in the cubs because of some vague feelings of devotion to wanting to go to heaven rather than learn practical skills.

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