Final Frontier

We are sadly in a phase of life in earth which is retrogressive and it seems to be being instigated by power hungry Christians - Tony Blair and George Bush with their attendants, (not all Christians but mostly of the Abrahamic tradition).

In Star Trek a morality tale is given to children and adults who will listen. They practice exactly the sort of behaviour enlightened or sentient humans should do on earth. They do not interfere in the affairs of planets except those that threaten them.

People on earth should be intelligent enough now to see themselves as somewhat different from other creatures in breadth of knowledge and powers of reasoning, as well as powers of compassion. Such a position demands that we safeguard the creatures of the planet and treat is our inheritance. We should be detached from the struggle to survive of the other creatures because of our science. We cannot use the ‘law of the jungle’ as our excuse for vandalistic behaviour towards the biodiversity of the planet we have evolved on. We must have compassion for the suffering in ignorance of the other creatures, not add to the misery with battery farming and wholesale destruction of their habitats.

Star Trek is the lesson one would hope the Enterprise crew took from the model demonstrated on some future earth. Where those who have knowledge and as Marxists would recognise thus have power, are not tempted to abuse their power.

Tony Blair and George Bush have ignored the Star Trek fundamental of International Law. That nations, like planets, are sovereign and that they should not be attacked if they are not attacking. A television show has educated children and our political leaders have shown those children that educated attitudes “ain’t worth stuff”. They have plunged children back towards the dark ages.

I believe they choose ignorance because they think the Mythology of Judaism is justification. Their God is mighty and they believe might is right. This is simply not true as watching any number of episodes of Star Trek, a simple TV show, would demonstrate. But they desperately seek approval so ignore the moral creativity of the shows writers and producers for the over-bearing and somewhat cunning paternalism of the Jewish God and the applause of their fellow believers.

I wish that you, dear reader, live long and prosper, but remember the principles of the Enterprise mission, not Tony Blair missionary.

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