Ecology Update (71)

This page will grow over time as events concerning the ecology of the planet unfold. The intention is to be brief but give references for further reading. The Buddho-Darwinism concept outlined in this web-site makes clear that it would advantage, religious leaders, and any gods and devils that may exist if the evidence for evolution could be destroyed. This page then chronicles the exploitation to destruction of biodiversity and associated human interests.


Haiti is a classic example of how the scenario of the human race, driven like The Daleks in the BBC series “Dr Who” to destroy everything which they cannot exploit, is developing. The Haitian Environment Minister, Ronald Toussaint, has said Haiti is a “mosiac of vulnerabilities” (music as a theme to this site at this point may well be the Sting song “Fragile”). The UK newspaper The Guardian of 18/08/2009 reported this as “a combination of poverty and environmental degradation, political instability and bad governance, ill-conceived international aid efforts and sheer geographical bad luck”. The article “Season of Dread” reports that 98% of Haiti’s forests have been cut down. The soil has eroded and water courses are blocked. Alexandre Claudel, and Oxfam agronomist said “It’s like we have to keep starting over and over. Nothing lasts for more than a year....”


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