Defence and Asoka (101)

I am of the opinion that throughout history, it is likely that the changes in conscious approach to life of a few have resulted in greater understanding for a good number and a change of lifestyle for the better for many.

It could be said Jesus brought such to Italy when the worst elements of the Roman empire died, but then so much else died too. Learning, which Europeans returned to, was held for centuries almost in trust by early Islamic culture, for instance.

This part of the web-site about Buddha-Darwinism is under the ‘Defence’ page which primarily aims to explain how nature can be defensive without being covetous. There are niche positions in nature for animals, including humans, which can exercise restraint. Essentially this is about the attitude preached by Gandhi but sadly now lost in amaze of materialism in India, that “there is enough for the world’s need but not enough for the world’s greed”.

The story of Asoka has been dramatised in the film bearing his name, “Asoka”. In the third century BC, to western calendars, Asoka waged a bloody war with the neighbouring state of Kalinga (roughly Orissa in modern India). Confronted in the end by the deaths of tens of thousands due to his ambition and love, he converted to Buddhism and lived the rest of his life spreading the teachings.

This is a lesson that the world must learn before the likely future conflicts caused by resource poverty by perhaps the end of 2040, begin. Changes to how ambition is regarded are needed. An underlying force behind ambition must be compassion as Buddha teaches, not domination as nature appears to demonstrate.

There will be those who take advantage of any retreat from ambition, any perceived weakness. In fact one of the premises of this web-site is that the Gods or God or devils seek to encourage ambition in order that man and woman lose sight of egalitarian values. This is on top of any residual ambition from survival instincts. The Hindu religion, with its caste system was later to dominate India, undoing some of Asoka’s final wishes. Also, as I have pointed out elsewhere in this web-site, Judaism appears to be currently on the rise in the UK, as an example, in terms of statistical domination  through peaceful business and superiority in the practice of arts and science. This should not be taken as an excuse for racism but more suspicion as to the motives of Gods. (see footnote) It is most probably because of the default position of Gods and devils. Firstly they are against unbelievers and secondly those they deny are led by believers, such as Bush and Blair, into wars they neither understand the reason for nor understand the consequences of, eg Iraq. Such leadership, when followed, could be thought of as bad karma, (if one can begin to grasp or understand such a vast concept), unless one understands it is so and repairs the damage, as Asoka did.

Your destiny too can transcend ambition. Apparently Asoka’s children eventually spread Buddhism as far away as Macedonia, Egypt and Sri Lanka, the latter being where it still flourishes. Notice too that through raising children he had also taken the path of Darwin, genetic survival, as this site advocates, -  Buddho-Darwinism - you can too.


When I got an introduction to Catholicism from the priest at what is now Coventry University he inquired with the words “Well the Jews are Gods chosen race aren’t they Nick”. If you look at this it can all kinds of easy routes for God to win against reason and compassion and a few of these are listed below:

  1. If the Jews are given superiority to the rest of the human race then it becomes easy to tempt racism against them, as they become a threat. This racism is an excuse to later persuade those responsible or the children of those responsible as well, (since God says the sins of the father will be passed on to the son), to repent, which requires them to convert to Christianity so God benefits again.
  2. As the rich tend to get better education and have more opportunities to network with others to maintain their riches and have children who become accustomed to riches and the elite social circles, it is easy for the catholic church to keep the intellect of their congregation at a minimum. This makes it easy for God to appreciate the Jews for helping him to help the Catholic priests to  keep rational unbelief repressed.
  3. In England much wealth can be claimed to have been generated by Jewish enterprises and much subsequent philanthropy can also be traced to them. This really makes it difficult to oppose their dominant influence. As examples many current household names were started by Jews, Marks and Spencers, Tesco stores, Sainsburys, Saatchi and Saatchi and Lyon’s tea houses. Sainsbury is quite philanthropic and Saatchi supports the arts. In a sense the English are castrated by God for being the type of intellectuals who come up with the “Theory of evolution” instead of “How to make more money”
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