Children and faith schools (114)

While Buddho-Darwinism accepts the spiritual, I personally think the French model of secular schools should be adopted, not continuation of the growth of faith schools, as in the UK for instance.

The reason for this is that point, made elsewhere in this site, that it is likely that what appears to be gods and devils are in fact in the spiritual world in much the position that autocrats, monarchs and fascists have in the material world. While for instance, the act of worship is a legal requirement for all schools including non-faith schools, for those children who have no spirituality, as I did not until aged 22, the words, prayers, hymns etc., will be meaningless.

This means that the children are likely to feel they are being brain washed or that their teachers and fellow pupils who do have faith are a little mad. This will not be helpful to learning and may allow those lacking spirituality to be identified as targets for subtle bullying. If one accepts my proposition that gods and devils come and go, (which originates from an interpretation of Buddha’s reported words that “There are gods but there are no gods”), then it is possible that some positions in the cosmos or spiritual world can be used to heap easy paths to success on the faithful. Why would that be done? So that the god or devil can maintain their position in the cosmos in an accepted and unchallenged state of bliss. This is much like say Saddam Hussein might be generous to Iraqis who served him and vicious to those who appeared to not support him, like the Marsh Arabs or the Kurds.

Faith around someone, possibly allows these gods and devils in, much like being a supporter of Saddam allowed him to practice his material politics. This is akin to people saying they ‘allow Jesus into their hearts and minds’. Once in their minds it is impossible to know what Jesus can then achieve against those who do not believe in him who are in proximity to the believer, not unlike carrying a child on your shoulders with a water pistol, or something more dangerous.

Hence the fairest system of schooling is to not allow children to be exposed as front line troops in the arbitrary and sometimes judgmental nature of faith.



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